Road Book Adventure is a company that specializes in adventure tourism on Renault 4L vehicles, motorbikes and 4×4 vehicles

Project Summary

Road Book Adventures focus was to redefine the brand to reflect a journey of discovery. The website had to transmit the ideas of sandy and dirty trips because most of the adventures take place in arid areas. The brand was recently created and it had a good strong visual elements that were perfect to start developing the website. 

The client had a general idea of how he wanted the website to look but aside of his requests, some new proposals were delivered that would benefit the company/website and he gladly accept the different approaches and with a collaborative type of work the website surpassed the client’s expectations. 

Project Details

Client Name

Road Book Adventures

Project duration

6 Months



The owner felt the need to create an adaptable website in which new adventures and trips would be easily changeable by the back-office accordingly to clients’ needs and desires.

The website’s purpose was to be the main gathering source of customers and to allow them to register the trip online. With captivating visuals and a well structured content it was possible to create 3 different websites to later test their functionality and effectiveness in terms of usage so the client would make the decision of which module to use by experiencing it .

The outcome

After a few months the website was live. It was time to focus on SEO and AdWords so the website could have a higher rate and that was accomplished in less then a month. Road Book Adventures has had a massive increase in contacts and extended it’s customer’s reach having client’s contacting the company from all over the world and the amount of Trips has tripled to responde to this increase in interested customers. 

The client has recieved a tutorial to better control the content of the website and he is now the full editor of his website where he can add or update each trip information. 


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